Port of Djupivogur

Get to know a small Icelandic fishing village located in stunning surroundings in the East Fjords of Iceland. Embrace the moment and enjoy what we have to offer as a “Slow Movement” community.

Djúpivogur municipality covers an area of 1,133 km2 and has a population of about 460 people. The municipality includes the sand-blocked lagoons of Álftafjörður and Hamarsfjörður, as well as the deep fjord of Berufjörður. Employment is diverse, though most of the residents work in fish processing and a variety of services.

The village of Djúpivogur is ideally situated in a landscape that is extremely varied and offers a multitude of options for outdoor recreation. The community is surrounded by an enchanting coastline, including black, red or light-coloured beaches; beautiful waterfalls; imposing mountains; vegetated valleys; and even a few small glaciers. The fauna includes seals resting on coastal rocks, colourful bird life in wetlands with easy access and facilities, and reindeer. Just off the coast from Djúpivogur lies Papey, a paradise of seals, puffins and other seabirds, along with a history dating back before the official settlement of Iceland.

Djúpivogur municipality belongs to the international Cittaslow movement and therefore emphasises its values, such as local characteristics and culture, a humane, wholesome society, and an unspoiled, safe environment. The main idea behind Cittaslow is to take your time to enjoy life – speed does not need to be a lifestyle. Look for the Cittaslow logo during your stay: an orange snail carrying a village on its shell. It appears as a sign of quality.

From Djúpivogur it takes about one and a half hour to drive to the biggest glacier in Europe inside Vatnajökull National Park, for experiencing trips onto the glacier, and about two hours to get to Jökulsárlón, for boat cruising among the icebergs on the bizarrely beautiful glacial lagoon.

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