Icelandic handcraft in Djúpivogur

Jón í Bergholti, the town´s craftsman, Jón í Bergholti (JFS handcraft), who handcrafts beautiful jewellery made out  of Icelandic stones, souvenirs made out of wood and horn of the Icelandic reineer. You can find JFS handcraft at Hammersminni 10.



Arfleifð Economuseum
Fashion accessories and clothing, unique design and carefully crafted in Djúpivogur. The designer, Ágústa, uses only Icelandic materials such as fish skin, reindeer skin and lamb leather. Visitors can monitor the producion process, learn about the history of the products and shop in the boutique. Open after agreement all year long. 
For more information contact Ágústa.

Tel: + 354 863 1475


Bones, sticks and stones
Gallery, collection

Minerals, zeolites, necklaces, sculptures, skulls.

2014 show: The hidden world


Always open, tel. 868-9058

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