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Djúpivogur is situated on the peninsula between Hamarsfjörður and Berufjörður fjords. Local history extends even further back than Iceland´s actual settlement, for instance to Irish monks and hermits who came to the island of Papey. The history of the village itself blends with the history of trading, as the village became an important centre of Icelandic trading over 400 years ago, in 1589. In additon fish has always been important to the Djúpivogur area. Today, the fishing industry is still the main source of employment in the village; however, tourism has increased rapidly in recent years. One of Iceland´s most beautiful mountains, the symmetric pyramid of Búlandstindur, can easily be recognised from the village and from most spots around the fjord of Berufjörður. Reaching 1069 m above sea level, this symbol of the Djúpivogur region is belived by many to instil mystical powers, while many others will at least enjoy the challenging hike and superb view from the top. 


Here below is a great video about Djúpivogur that was created by native Skúli Andrésson, who has in recent years studied at the Icelandic Film Academy in Reykjavík. It is clear that he is a promising filmmaker and has a good eye for beautiful shots. Skúli spends a lot of time in Djúpivogur with his camera walking around the town. The payoff can be seen in this video, which is a splendid introduction to lightly discovered places which attracts not only locals, but foreigners as well all year around and arouse their interest in visiting our beautiful municipality again and again.


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