How to get there

How do I get to Djúpavogshreppur?


During the winter the only way of getting to Djúpivogur (without a private car or hitchhiking) is by flying to Höfn and then taking the bus of Haukur Elísson from Höfn to Djúpivogur. See the buss schedule of Haukur and links to airlines below.

During the summer the busses of Sterna will take you around the whole island and to Djúpivogur. See their summer schedule below. 





Höfn - Djúpivogur

Schedule all year round

                 From Djúpivogur        From Höfn

Sunday         14:00                     15:45
Monday         8:15                      10:00
Wednesday    8:15                      10:00
Thursday       8:15                      10:00
Friday           8:15                      10:00

Djúpivogur: Departure from Hótel Framtíð, tel. 478 8887
Höfn: Departure from the airport of Höfn, tel. 478 1250

Please order at least 1 hour in advance. 

Normal fare                                        2.450 IKR
Senior citizen                                     1.700 IKR
Children, younger than 12 years old     1.250 IKR


Extra trips can be booked. 9, 13 and 20 seat vehicles awailable.
Tel. 844 6831 / 478 8933 / 893 4605 

The bus company of Haukur Elísson. 




 Höfn - Djúpivogur - Akureyri









Flights to Egilsstaðir, Akureyri and Höfn

Eagle Air Iceland 

Air Iceland


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