Shore excursions

Glacier lagoon

Jökulsárlón is one of Iceland´s most visited places and that's no wonder! Huge ice blocks that have broken from the edge of the glacier float around the lagoon. A pure natural art and a magnificent sight. This is a must visit place in Iceland.

Bird-watching tour

The area around Djupivogur hosts rich bird life, renowned among bird lovers throughout the world and attracting great numbers of bird enthusiasts every year. One reason the region is so marvellous for birdwatchers is its unspoiled nature, where you can observe most Icelandic birds nesting in their natural environment without having to walk or drive long distances.



Papey Island

Off the coast of Djúpivogur lies the island Papey. Papey is the largest island along the east coast of Iceland.  It is maintained that the island was originally populated by Irish monks,that were called Papar, before the actual settlement in Iceland. Bird life in the island is very rich and popular birds such as the puffin can easily be seen and photographed in the island. During the summer Papeyjarferðir offers scheduled trips to the Island. 

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