Cittaslow is an international organization of towns and municipalities that focus on the authenticity of products, good food based on the slow food philosophy, rich and fascinating local craft traditions, and the protection of the environment together with the joy of slow and quiet living on a daily basis. Djúpavogshreppur has adopted the ideology of Cittaslow and became a member of the association in 2013, the first municipality in Iceland to do so. Look for the Cittaslow logo on your journey through Djúpavogshreppur: an orange snail with a village on its shell. The snail is a hallmark of quality; the seller promises that the product originated in the district, whether it is food, crafts, etc.

Cittaslow is quality of life and satisfaction

In 1999, mayors of four towns in Italy thought it was time to resist the globalization and homogenization of town and culture around the globe, by promoting the opposite. As result Cittaslow - an international network of small towns and municipalities, whose focus on promoting humanity, respect and hospitality. Offering a clean, safe and eco-friendly environment. Enhancing the local identity, characteristics, professions and culture.

Djúpavogshreppur is Cittaslow

In April 2013, Djúpavogshreppur was the first Icelandic municipality to get certificated as a member of the Cittaslow International network. By adopting the Cittaslow philosophy, Djúpavogshreppur aims to further strengthen its ambitious agenda of emphasizing human values, promoting the local uniqueness, improving environmental quality, conserving nature and cultural heritages and supporting eco-friendly businesses.
Raised on these foundations, Djúpavogshreppur seeks to create an interesting community for residence and local business development as well as a more attractive visiting site for guests.

Slow down

As a red line throughout the Cittaslow philosophy, the notion of slowing down once in a while is highly promoted. Pay attention to circumstances and others. Embrace the moment.

In Djúpavogshreppur, it could be ideal:
- to feel the mystique of the pyramid shaped Mt. Bulandstindur.
- to examine the unique rocks and lava formations.
- to enjoy a delicious local meal.
- to check out the Gleðivík Eggs by the artist Sigurður Guðmundsson.
- to learn about the unique local building style.
- to watch the boats sway in Djúpivogur Harbor.
- to experience the rich birdlife of Búlandsnes peninsula.
- to look into the local handcraft.

There is only one Djúpavogshreppur. Enjoy it!


The Cittaslow office of Djúpavogshreppur is located in Djúpavogshreppur's Tourist Information Centre, Bakki 3, Djúpivogur.

Opening hours 1 June – 1 Sep:

Mon – Fri 9:00–17:00

Sat – Sun 12:00–16:00


- Gauti Johannesson, mayor of Djúpavogshreppur –

- Erla Dóra Vogler, culture and tourism officer of Djúpavogshreppur –

- Pall Jakob Lindal, Cittaslow project manager –

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Local Supporters of Cittaslow - Djúpavogshreppur

Look for the Cittaslow logo on your journey through Djúpavogshreppur. The snail is a hallmark of quality; the seller promises that the product originated in the district, whether it is food, crafts, etc., and respects the Cittaslow philosophy.

The following companies and organisations are Local Supporters of Cittaslow - Djúpavogshreppur:

Bragðavellir Cottages -

Adventura ehf. -

Hótel Framtíð -

Kvenfélagið Vaka - kvenfélagið

Íþróttamiðstöð Djúpavogs - íþróttamiðstöð

Við Voginn

Arfleifð -


Landsbankinn -

Havarí -

Steinunn Björg Helgadóttir

Nordic Cittaslow

Djúpavogshreppur is part of the nordic Cittaslow movement.

For more information about Cittaslow communities in the nordic countries see our brochure.

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